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On 27 November, a high-level conference on how research and innovation affect daily life was held in the European Parliament. The event, which combined talks with representatives from the European Commission, European Parliament and ministers from EU Member States as well as a range of scientists, explored the major challenges we currently face, and how impact research can and should continue to be fostered in Europe.

Speakers, from European Parliament President Antonio Tajani to European Commissioner for Research and Innovation Carlos Moedas, emphasised the intrinsic link between European identity and science. They aimed to demonstrate the value European science brings to peoples’ lives, but also warned of increasing competitiveness from China and the US. Mr Moedas moreover underlined that the EU “believes in the intuition of scientists”.

A pre-recorded video message from Ben Feringa, Chemistry Nobel Prize winner, reminded decision-makers and scientists alike that researchers and innovators must be given room to discover, make mistakes, and explore the unknown. Fabiola Gianotti, Director General of CERN, echoed these thoughts and stressed the fact that fundamental science should not be overlooked as it does not so easily fit within neat little boxes that funding programmes sometimes rely on.

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