Horizon Europe: updates and views from EuChemS

On 28 August, EuChemS published an updated Position Paper with amendments on the proposed plans for Horizon Europe, successor to the Horizon 2020 research framework programme. We called for a greater budget for research and innovation and called for excellence to remain a central pillar in Horizon Europe. We furthermore strongly suggested that countries that have previously participated in Framework Programmes should be given similar opportunities to continue taking part in the Horizon Europe Programme.

At a hearing in the European Parliament in Brussels on Monday 8 October, European Commission officials, MEPs and various stakeholders maintained that excellence should remain the central criterion for funding research under Horizon Europe reports Science/Business. The reaction – which we had already echoed in our Position Paper – was in answer to an amendment submitted by MEP Dan Nica, rapporteur for Horizon Europe. The idea of assigning geographic quotas to bridge the gap between the current west-east research divide was also heavily criticised.

For a closer look at our Position, you can download our Position Paper here, as well as our info sheet here.

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