Horizon Europe: same visions, unresolved approaches

Negotiations surrounding Horizon Europe are in full swing, although the likelihood of an impasse looms. There have been some proposals to address the research and innovation divide in Europe by allocating Horizon Europe funding on a geographical basis. EuChemS recognises that the research divide needs to be addressed, but existing cohesion funds, as well as increased national funding for research are what is needed. Horizon Europe’s aim should be to award the very best science, reaching the very best results, and should continue to be the main aspiration for those applying – regardless of where in Europe they are coming from.

There have also been discussions surrounding the idea of a ‘’Europe first’’ programme. However, science knows no borders, and closing off possible collaboration, exchange and participation of non-EU countries risks harming European science. In light of the still unknown outcome of the Brexit negotiations, we have called on the European institutions to make sure countries that have in the past participated in EU research framework programmes, such as Horizon 2020, can continue to do so in Horizon Europe.

On 21 November, the European Parliament Committee on Industry, Research and Energy will vote on the Horizon Europe files. On 30 November, the EU Competitiveness Council, which brings together ministers responsible for research and innovation, economy, trade and industry will meet for a Council meeting to discuss Horizon Europe.

For more information on our view for Horizon Europe, download our Position Paper here!

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