Horizon Europe Budget confirmed as programme aims to expand

The 2023-2024 work programme for Horizon Europe was adopted by the European Commission on 6 December. This means that Horizon Europe will be equipped with approximately 13.5 billion EUR that will be directed towards the support of researchers working on projects related to the European Union’s key science-policy areas, including but not limited to energy resilience (such as the currently significant REPower EU), climate and sustainability, restoration after the pandemic, as well as digital transformations. This 13.5 billion budget is part of the overall Research and Innovation programme of the EU for which a total of 95.5 billion EUR is allocated. Horizon Europe’s five Missions receive 600 million EUR of this funding, but these missions are expected to raise funds from other sources as well.

The work programme contains initiatives for further strengthening global collaborations, reflected by the increasing reach of Horizon Europe beyond the borders of Europe. After the negotiations with New Zealand, beginning in October, last month Canada also launched formal negotiations to associate with Horizon.

With the work programme signed off, on 7 December the first calls and proposals were already published. In addition, Horizon information days divided into clusters, during which interested parties can learn more about the programme are being held since 6 December, and they are scheduled until16 February 2023.

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