Hearing of Mariya Gabriel takes place at the European Parliament

On 30 September, Mariya Gabriel, who has been put forward by the European Commission President-Elect Ursula von der Leyen as Commissioner for ‘Innovation and Youth’ faced the hearing by the European Parliament Committees for Culture and Education and Industry, Research and Energy.

The two committees referred to the lack of reference to research, science, education and culture in the name of the Commissioner’s proposed title. EuChemS has equally stressed that this sends a negative message to scientists, researchers, policymakers and to the public, and that the Commissioner’s portfolio title should include the words ‘research’ and ‘education’. You can read our open letter to Dr von der Leyen here.

The committees moreover underlined the need to encourage and prepare for an ambitious budget for Horizon Europe and of including the active involvement of the Parliament in its implementation. Mariya Gabriel explained her vision of increasing synergies between programmes, and has stated her wish to tackle the gap in research performance and opportunities between eastern and western European countries.

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