Women scientists at the forefront of global conflicts

In 2023 EuChemS will once again participate in International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry’s Global Womens’ Breakfast (IUPAC GWB 2023) with an exciting topic, that investigates the intersection of conflict studies, inclusivity and women in science as well as chemistry.

The event, titled “Women scientists at the forefront of global conflicts” will be held online on 14 February 2023. It will look at the role of science in conflict through the eyes of women scientists, and science historians. Speakers will describe science’s role in minimising harm in conflicts and describe the often overlooked women scientists’ role in conflicts in context of history of chemistry. EuChemS finds the role of science and conflict relevant for the GWB event as just as women are often overlooked in the scientific field, conflicts scenarios tend to increase exposure to abuse and discrimination, therefore women represent one of the highly vulnerable groups in conflict.

We are happy to invite everyone to participate in this webinar, after registering here. As the key theme of GWB is inclusivity, and in addition, our event will investigate an overlap between a wide range of areas, we would be glad to see attendees from a similarly wide variety of backdrops – so we are happy to encourage everyone from every demographic background and professional field to join.

This event will mark EuChemS’ 3rd participation the IUPAC GWB for. In 2022, our international speakers examined the issue of the “leaky pipeline” amongst women in STEM, and in 2021, EuChemS focused on Leadership Development and women leaders amongst other topics.

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