ITRE Committee on green solutions for the energy sector

The ITRE committee of the European Parliament, chaired by MEP Cristian Bușoi, met on 13 April to discuss the decarbonisation of the energy sector in view of the forthcoming official adoption of various work programmes for Horizon Europe, including the “Climate, Energy and Mobility” cluster.

Speakers’ presentations mainly revolved around green gases, blue and green hydrogen, and electrification alternatives.

During this meeting, a discussion ensued on the high percentage (70%) of the current pipeline infrastructure being Hydrogen-ready that would allow the EU to meet the Green Deal’s objectives while becoming a global leader in the clean energy field. Focus was also put on the need for a renewed mobility system and new city planning green substitutes, such as geo-thermal energy and sustainable biomass for heating.

Some additional greener options for the transformation of the global transport sector, such as E-kerosene, E-methanol, E-ammonia (especially for the aviation and shipping industry), were discussed.

Presentations were also intended to demonstrate how a quick decarbonisation of industries, as well as the energy system, was feasible through efficient policymaking.

Find out more about the ITRE committee meeting held on 13 April here.

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