EU research ministers adopted Council conclusions on the global approach to research and innovation

On 28 September, EU research ministers met in Brussels (Belgium) during the Council of Ministers Responsible for Competitiveness (Research) to discuss the European Union’s global approach to research and innovation and the new European Research Area (ERA).

The conclusions adopted will advance the implementation of measures for a globally strong and resilient European Union. Key actions were identified, including building a modern, efficient, and simplified structure for the new European Research Area (ERA) to boost multilateral cooperation. In addition, ministers called the Commission and member states for more cooperation with third countries in research and innovation and through the programme Horizon Europe. The importance of enhancing cross-sectoral cooperation was also emphasised.

During this Council meeting, the Slovenian Presidency presented the Ljubljana declaration on gender equality in research and innovation. This declaration aims to ensure equal and balanced consideration of male and female researchers under ERA. It is expected to be published by the end of November this year.

Furthermore, the Slovenian Presidency updated ministers on the state of 10 Institutionalised European partnerships under Horizon Europe. With a €10 billion euro package, these nine industrial partnerships and public partnership on metrology aim to contribute to the realisation of the green and digital transition and to solving other important societal challenges. The first initiatives are expected to be launched as of December this year and the first calls for projects to open in early 2022.

You can read our full debrief on the Slovenian Presidency priorities for Science, Research and Innovation in the July issue of our Brussels News Updates newsletter here.

For more information about the Competitiveness Council (Research), please visit the website of the Slovenian Presidency.

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