Evaluation of the General Union Environment Action Programme to 2020

The purpose of this evaluation is to assess the 7th Environment Action Programme (EAP) and submit a report based on this evaluation to the European Parliament and to the Council. The focus of the evaluation will be on the structure and strategic role played by the 7th EAP: that is its multi-layered approach, dual focus and the joint responsibility to deliver. Essentially it will ask if this agreed framework is really helping us to deliver the nine priority objectives in a smart way. Evaluating the structure will require a basic assessment of the link between the structure and the actions undertaken under the 7th EAP and the progress towards achieving the 7th EAP’s different sub-objectives. In doing so, the evaluation will consider the impact of relevant actions taken at Union and Member State level given their shared responsibility for the 7th EAP.
6 December 2017

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