European Research Area: starting from scratch?

On 6 July 2020, the European Commission opened a roadmap on ‘the future of the European Research Area (communication)’: feedback and ideas can be submitted until 3 August. The aim of this initiative is to reboot the European Research Area (ERA) policy, in order to enhance research and innovation within the poorer region of the European Union, from September 2020 onwards.

ERA is a system of scientific research programmes. It enables free circulation of researchers, science, and technology by integrating the scientific resources of the European Union. The original ERA plan was launched in 2000, and the main goal (member states had to increase to 3% their GDP investment in Research and Development) was not reached.

The European Chemical Society, EuChemS, together with DFG, launched the “Solar-Driven Chemistry” white paper at the 6th EuChemS Chemistry Congress (ECC6) in September 2016. This initiative is built on ERA’s priorities to ‘optimal circulation, access to and transfer of scientific knowledge including knowledge circulation and open access’.
Read more about it here.

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