European Physical Society shows importance of physics to the economies of Europe

The European Physical Society (EPS) invited EU institution representatives and stakeholders to a session on‘The Importance of Physics to the Economies of Europe’ on 15 October 2019. Speakers, including EPS President Petra Rudolf demonstrated the vital role physics plays in scientific research, innovation, job creation and economic resilience and prosperity. A study which looked at the role of physics in the economy from 2011- 2016, showed that 3.34 jobs are supported for each job created in physics-based industries. But speakers also addressed the role of physics beyond economic considerations, highlighting the role the science can play in policymaking, education and social curiosity. The session also acted as a direct call for investment into EU science, both for fundamental and basic research, and for short-term and exploitable innovation. You can download and read the EPS report here.

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