European Parliament on Greener Fertilisers

Existing EU rules on fertilisers cover mainly conventional fertilisers, typically extracted from mines or manufactured with high energy-consumption and CO2 production. Diverging national rules make it difficult for producers of organic fertilisers to sell and use them across the EU single market. The European Parliament Internal Market Committee (IMCO) has recently agreed on amendments to the new draft regulation on fertilisers. The adoption of the proposed amendments would, among others, promote the use of recycled materials for producing fertilisers, thus helping the development of the circular economy; ease market access for innovative, organic fertilisers, which would give farmers and consumers a wider choice and promote green innovation; and establish EU-wide quality, safety and environmental criteria for “CE marked” fertilisers (i.e. those which can be traded in the whole EU single market). The European Parliament plenary session will vote on these IMCO proposed changes in October.


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