European Parliament and Member States on Glyphosate

The European Parliament backed a full ban on glyphosate-based herbicides by December 2022 and immediate restrictions on the use of the substance earlier in October. The Parliament opposes the European Commission’s proposal to renew the controversial herbicide licence for 10 years. Instead, MEPs say the EU should draw up plans to phase out the substance, starting with a complete ban on household use and a ban in use for farming when biological alternatives work well for weed control. Glyphosate should then be completely banned in the EU by 15 December 2022, with the necessary intermediate steps, MEPs say. After the European Parliament position, Member States have met twice on this topic but did not reach an agreement regarding the renewal period for glyphosate, whose authorisation period ends by the end of 2017.
To know more about this topic, please consult the outcomes of this EuCheMS-Pavel Poc European Parliament workshop as well as this Chemistry in Europe article.

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