EuChemS reveals logo to celebrate its 50 years in 2020

2020 will see the European Chemical Society celebrate 50 years since its conception.

EuChemS, originally known as the Federation of European Chemical Sciences (FECS) was established on 3rd of July 1970 in Prague by the vision of 17 European national chemical societies from both eastern and western Europe. Quickly recognised for its important and unifying role, FECS was eventually consolidated and renamed EuCheMS, the European Association for Chemical and Molecular Sciences in 2004. Official headquarters were opened in Brussels with the realisation that the umbrella organisation, representing now 48 societies, and by extension some 150,000 chemists had an important part to play in sharing knowledge and advice with the European Union institutions. In the summer of 2018, the name was changed to the European Chemical Society which better reflects what we represent and our vision.

In order to celebrate the 50 years of EuChemS, a special logo has been designed, and activities and initiatives planned for 2020. It is our hope that spotlighting our history, the shared visions that made the organisation a reality, and our actions today will enable EuChemS to be even better recognised by the vast chemistry community, and by decision-makers in Brussels and national capitals. Celebrating our 50 years also means celebrating our community which is rich in knowledge, expertise, competence and devotion but also of enthusiasm and dynamism.

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