EuCheMS response to open consultation on explosives precursors

Explosives precursors are chemical substances which can be misused to manufacture home-made explosives. In 2013, recognising the threat posed by these substances to public security, Regulation EU 98/2013 on the marketing and use of explosives precursors was adopted to enhance security against terrorism. The 2015 European Agenda on Security also reflects the importance of taking action at EU level to reduce access to these dangerous chemical substances.

Despite the restrictions and controls introduced under the Regulation, regulated explosives precursor substances and mixtures continue to be accessed by individuals and groups that aim to carry out terrorist attacks in Europe.

In a 2017 report on the application of the Regulation, the Commission concluded that the Regulation’s entry into force helped reduce access to dangerous explosive precursors. The report adds, however, that changes to the Regulation should be considered in order to increase the capacity of all those involved in implementing and enforcing the restrictions and controls on precursors. With this in mind, the Commission has committed to carefully evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of the Regulation and assessing the impact of possible new and strengthened measures.

EuCheMS’ response to this consultation is available on


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