First EuChemS @Global Women’s Breakfast 2021

On the occasion of the Global Women’s Breakfast 2021 #GWB2021, an IUPAC initiative, the European Chemical Society (EuChemS) organised its first own event on Tuesday, 9 February 2021, from 10:00 to 11:00 CET.

Pilar Goya, EuChemS Vice-President, hosted and chaired a panel with an impressive line-up of speakers from the European Chemistry community who engaged with more than 150 attendees on various inclusion-related topics, including work-life balance, building professional networks and STEM education for school-age kids. The attendees were invited to ask questions and answer polls. Their feedback will be carefully considered by the EuChemS Task Group on Inclusion and Diversity, for follow up actions.

Also, the LinkedIn group “European Chemistry Network on Inclusion and Diversity” was launched to promote inclusion, equity, and diversity in the chemical sciences. This LinkedIn group aims at connecting chemists across Europe through a European-wide network and focuses on science opportunities, discussions, news, events and jobs within the chemistry sector. We hope this group will inspire people to post, discuss, and exchange experiences, which will hopefully get the ball rolling for further actions and projects in this respect.

“EuChemS, the European Chemical Society, representing over 150.000 chemists, will continue to promote inclusion and diversity in the chemical sciences and will strive to eradicate any form of discrimination.”

Pilar Goya, EuChemS Vice-President,
Opening speech of the EuChemS @Global Women’s Breakfast
9 February 2021

We invite you to watch the recording of this online event here, where you can also subscribe to the EuChemS YouTube channel.

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