EU elections & science

The upcoming elections for the European Parliament could have a direct impact on the future of science in Europe. A rise in populist and anti-EU parties could lead to a reduction of budgets granted to research and innovation, together with growing scepticism towards scientific findings and advice, whether over medical issues or research linked to climate change or food safety. Make your voice heard for science this May!

The European Parliament’s research and industry committee (ITRE), which examines EU legislation related to research, and which negotiated the European Parliament’s vision for Horizon Europe, could also be shaped by incoming politicians. Whilst Committee heavyweights such as Polish politician Jerzy Buzek or Germany’s Christian Ehler are planning on running again, others such as MEP Paul Rübig, who chaired the European Parliament’s Science and Technology Options Assessment panel (STOA) will not. The fate of British MEPs in the Committee is also unknown at this stage. You can take a look at Business Europe’s debrief of those MEPs running and those that won’t be here.

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