ESEC3 – The 3rd Employment Survey for European Chemists

All chemists and chemical engineers are very much encouraged to take part in this survey. By doing so, they will cocreate future landscape for job opportunities and related matters, as they wish to have them, as the outcomes of this survey will be made available to policy makers and others who are in a position to shape the future in Europe.

This survey looks into the current education and employment situation of chemists and chemical engineers across Europe. Understanding job market needs, the challenges and opportunities facing chemists and what drives people to study and work in their respective fields will prove invaluable to better understand the current landscape. In turn, it will allow those directly impacted, as well as universities, institutions, companies, and policymakers to focus their efforts on facilitating or improving certain measures whilst encouraging those that are so far successful.

The online survey is available on the following link:

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