Environmental Implementation Review: Chemistry Heavily Needed


Earlier this month, the European Commission (EC) presented the Environmental Implementation Review, a tool to improve implementation of EU environmental policy.  The review includes three elements: 1) 28 country reports, providing an overview of how environmental policy and legislation are being implemented, and what the identified strengths and weaknesses are in each Member State; 2) A Communication summarising the political conclusions of the country reports and examining common trends, in areas such as air quality, waste management and the circular economy, water quality and protecting nature and biodiversity; and 3 )Recommendations for improvements, summarising suggestions communicated to Member States. According to this review, the most pressing implementation gaps across EU Member States are found in the policy fields of waste management, nature and biodiversity, air quality, noise and water quality and management, fields in which chemistry plays an essential role.
Source: http://europa.eu/

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