EFSA Stakeholder Bureau meets in Brussels

On 17 October, the third meeting of the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) Stakeholder Bureau took place in Brussels under the chairmanship of Bernhard Url, EFSA Executive Director. EuChemS is one of academic stakeholders, represented at the Bureau by one of the 7 category representatives, whose role is to advise EFSA on civil society’s concerns regarding food safety, health, the environment, and other issues. Included in the discussions, were the “goals and practicalities” of the upcoming Stakeholder Forum on 20 November in Brussels, as well as “EFSA’s opinion on the presence of dioxins in feed and food […]; risk perception among the general public, and EFSA’s work to inform and educate consumers on risk assessment in food safety”. EFSA has also confirmed it would reply to a letter provided by the Academia category (under which EuChemS falls) regarding the importance of maintaining independence of science.

The EFSA report, presentations and other information is available online here.

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