CoARA holds first Assembly

The Coalition for Advancing Research Assessment (CoARA) held its Constitutive Assembly online on 1 December, followed by an in-person roundtable in Brussels.

Organisations which signed the CoARA agreement before 17 November were invited. As EuChemS is an early signatory of the CoARA Agreement, Secretary General Nineta Hrastelj joined the Assembly as a voting representative, during the course of which the operational foundations for the coalition were laid down.

After the participating organisations accepted the key governing documents, Rianne Letschert, the President of Maastricht University was elected as the Chair.

On the evening of the day, those present in Brussel could participate in a Roundtable on the outcomes of the Assembly meeting and on the foreseen course of actions. It was highlighted that as of now CoARA can boast of more than 400 signatories – however calls were also made to ensure the equality and inclusivity of voices as the initiative goes ahead.

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