Chemistry & Society: Towards a Sustainable Future Through Chemistry

Chemistry and Society were the focal point of a debate that counted with the participation of Carlos Negro (Foro Química y Sociedad President and Co-Chairman of ECC6), Jean Marie Pierre Lehn (Nobel Laureate), Antón Valero (President of Spanish Chemical Industry Federation), Ehud Keinan (President of EuCheMS Member, the Israel Chemistry Society), Robert Parker (CEO of the EuCheMS Member, the UK Royal Society of Chemistry) and Harmut Frank (University of Bayreuth, and Chair of EuCheMS Working Party of Ethics in Chemistry), and was moderated by Jorge Alcalde (Chief editor of QUO Magazine). In this debate the participants discussed chemistry as a science that allows the seemingly impossible to come true, where imagination, and ethics, are its only limits. The panel highlighted the need to have proper scientific advice in policy-making, and warned against the implications of unfounded beliefs. It also discussed the relation between academia and industry in the production of scientific knowledge. Finally, the panel concluded that a responsible and sustainable society, needs not only responsible science, but also responsible and knowledgeable citizens, companies and politicians.


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