Chemistry in Europe (CiE) is EuCheMS quarterly newsletter mainly intended for an audience of chemists. Its objective is to inform the community about research in Europe, to provide updates from EuCheMS Member Organisations, and to look into the latest policy-related developments.

Editorial Board:
David Cole-Hamilton, Pavel Drašar, Pilar Goya, Nineta Hrastelj (responsible), Marta Kucza, Santiago Luis, Torsten John, Karin Schmitz, Cristina Todasca, Bruno Vilela (coordinator).

Communication Advisors
Jon Edwards
Adam Brownsell

English Proof-reading
David Cole-Hamilton

Copyright Notice
Chemistry in Europe is published by EuCheMS under a Creative Commons license. EuCheMS permits others to copy, distribute or display this content if EuCheMS is refered as its sources.

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