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Who is Who - EuChemS Newsletters

Who is Who

Ernst Gruber, President of the Austrian Chemical Society.
Ernst Gruber is the Managing Director, Site and Operations Manager of Axalta Coating Systems Austria in Guntramsdorf.


Peter Šimon, President of the Slovak Chemical Society.
Peter Šimon is a professor at the Slovak University of Technology, Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology.

Slavica Ražić, Chair of the Division of Analytical Chemistry.
Slavica Ražić is a professor at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Pharmacy.



Sonsoles Martín-Santamaria, Chair of the Division of Chemistry in Life Sciences.
Sonsoles Martín-Santamaria leads the Computational Chemical Biology at CSIC (Spanish Research Council).


Péter Szalay, Chair of the Division of Computational and Theoretical Chemistry.
Péter Szalay is a professor at the Eötvös Loránd University.