Chemistry in Europe #newsletter: third issue of 2021 oriented on the future of chemistry

Earlier this month, EuChemS released the third edition of the 2021 Chemistry in Europe newsletter.   

This issue includes an editorial from Slavica Ražić and Péter G. Szalay, members of the EuChemS Executive Board, in which they bring their point of view as Chairs of a EuChemS Professional Networks on the future challenges for sustainable chemistry in Europe. 

For this issue of Chemistry in Europe, the new section ‘Chemistry Talks’* features an interview with Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim who was recently awarded the GDCh Prize for Journalists and Writers, and an article on paradigm shift in organic chemistry. Floris Rutjes, EuChemS President, also expresses his views on the Conference for the Future of Europe in the new “President’s column” section of this newsletter.  

In addition, this issue also contains an interview with Jan Mehlich, recipient of the 2020 EuChemS Award for Service, a report from the Inaugural Meeting of the Swiss Chemical Society’s “Section Chemistry and the Environment”, an EFSA article on the European Commission’s approval of placing insects as Novel Food on the EU market, inputs from the European Young Chemists’ Network (EYCN), and many more! 

You are invited to read the full newsletter here. 

About Chemistry in Europe

Chemistry in Europe is a EuChemS quarterly publication mainly intended for an audience of chemists, but everyone is welcome to subscribe! Its objective is to inform about research in Europe, to provide updates from EuChemS Member Organisations, and to look into policy-related developments. 

If you wish to receive your quarterly update via email, subscribe here 

*All EuChemS member organisations are invited to contact us and exchange with us their articles published in national journals (either in their native language or in English). With your cooperation, we can re-publish them in the section “Chemistry Talks” of the Chemistry in Europe newsletter, thus making them available for a wider audience. 

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