European Highlights

Earlier this month in Amsterdam, EuCheMS brought together researchers, policy-makers, and publishers for a discussion about the current challenges and … Read more
A call for action has been published as an outcome of the conference “Open Science – From Vision to Action”, … Read more
The Commission has presented the draft new rules on organic and waste-based fertilisers in the European Union (EU) which will … Read more
Following an invitation from the European Commission (EC) delegation, EuCheMS will be part of the EC delegation to Chile on … Read more
The European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS) has recently published an in-depth analysis of the European Research Area named “European Research … Read more
According to the Environment Committee (ENVI) of the European Parliament, as long as serious concerns remain about the carcinogenicity and … Read more
According to a report published earlier this month by the European Environment Agency (EEA), the use of fossil fuels across … Read more
“Legal highs” are new psychoactive substances (NPS) which are very similar to illicit drugs such as cannabis, heroin and cocaine. … Read more
According to the Erasmus Mundus Graduate Impact Survey, the programme is rated highly satisfactory. The report shows that over 90% … Read more
The COST Association has been organising a series of half-day events where national research communities are informed by its representatives about … Read more
Research data produced by the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission or in cooperation with other partners is … Read more
The preliminary statistics on submitted proposals for the European Research Council (ERC) Consolidator Grants for 2016 show that the Number … Read more

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

The European Investment Project Portal (EIPP) is a new online platform designed to attract a wide reach of potential investors … Read more
ECHA has adopted the updated Community rolling action plan (CoRAP) for 2016-2018 with 138 substances to be evaluated. Registrants of … Read more

Consultations & Roadmaps

The Commission invites interested parties, including national authorities, manufacturers of cosmetic products, producers of the substances concerned, and relevant industry … Read more
The purpose of the present open public online consultation is to collect views and opinions on the strategy, scope, objectives, … Read more
The primary goal is to encourage efficient resource use and reduce pressures on the water environment, in particular water scarcity, … Read more
The general objective of this revision is to remove obstacles to mobility of learners and workers related to the understanding … Read more

Calls for Funding and Awards

Deadline: 25 May 2016 Website: more
Deadline: 9 June 2016 Website: more
Deadline: 23 June 2016 Website: more
Deadline: 24 & 25 August 2016 Website: Read more
Deadline: 25 August 2016 Website: more
Deadline: 31 May 2016 Website: more

EuCheMS Events

Guimarães, Portugal 26 – 29 April, 2016 Website: http://5pychem.eventos.chemistry.ptRead more
Guimarães, Portugal 26 – 30 April 2016 Website: more
Munich, Germany 10 – 12 May 2016 Website: more
Rome, Italy 08 – 10 June 2016 Website: more
Gargnano, Italy 12 – 17 June 2016 Website: more
Vienna, Austria 03 – 08 July 2016 Website: more
Toruń, Poland 03 – 06 July 2016 Website: more
Brussels, Belgium 06 – 07 July 2016 Website: more
San Sebastián, Spain 06 – 08 July 2016 Website: more

Other Events

Brussels, Belgium 18 April 2016 Website: more
Pune, India 21 – 23 April 2016 Website: more
Budapest, Hungary 25 – 26 April Website:   Read more
Hanoi, Vietnam 10 – 12 May 2016, Website: more
12 May 2016 Mainz, Germany Website: more

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