Bringing Chemistry Closer to Society? ECC6 did it!

Throughout this past week a series of policy related events took place at the biggest chemistry event in Europe, the European 6th EuCheMS Chemistry Congress (ECC6) in Seville, Spain. Although ECC6 is at its core a scientific event, science should not be set apart from society, and chemists showed that they are particularly involved in answering to this call and to contribute in finding solutions to many of today´s world. From its opening session, which counted among other with the presence of European Commission official Soren Bowadt (DG Research&Innovation), to the Seville Declaration on the use of chlorine in warfare, to all the rich scientific presentations showing new solutions that chemistry is developing to face societal challenges, chemists from all over Europe made clear that their work is not only done in their labs, but also within a society full of new, still unanswered challenges.
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