The 2023 International Chemistry Congress (ChemCon2023)

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03/07/2023 - 05/07/2023    
All Day
Jerusalem, jerusalem

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The general concept and plan of ChemCon2023 were presented to the ICS Board, and all members accepted them unanimously. Similarly, the program was enthusiastically adopted by the Haaretz group, and by the Israeli Ministry of Science and Technology. This joint event will include three major components to create synergism, and generate high interest among chemists, chemical engineers, businesspeople, government agencies, and the public:

  • July 3: One-day symposium on C1 Economy (C1E). • July 4-5: The 87th Annual Meeting of the ICS
  • July 3-5: An international exhibition

All three events will take place in the same venue. The exhibition will be free of charge to attract a broad range of visitors. Haaretz/ TheMarker group will allocate its content marketing tools to maximize the Congress’s exposure. The collaboration between TheMarker Labels & ICS is meant to leverage the potential of the congress; initiate a broad discourse regarding the Chemistry field in Israel and gain high-profile exposure. We plan to continue the ChemCon events in the following years as a branded series. The multiple benefits of this program include achieving public awareness of chemistry, attracting the young generation to the chemical sciences, and attracting government agencies to support chemical research, education, and the chemical industry.


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