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Last updated 05/07/2019

Member Societies

Today, the EYCN has representatives from 30 European chemical societies (28 countries in total) and one affiliated member, the American Chemical Society – ACS. To become active within the EYCN, your chemical society needs to be a member of EuChemS (see the list of EuChemS member societies here). Please contact us if you want to get involved and actively participate in the EYCN activities: 


You can find more information about each society by following the links below:


Koninklijke Vlaamse Chemische Vereniging (KVCV) – Royal Flemish Chemical Society

Youth division of KVCV

Delegates: Thomas Vranken ( and Nathan Carpentier (


Παγκύπρια Ένωση Επιστημόνων Χημικών – Pancyprian Union of Chemists

Youth Division of PUC

Delegates: Charalambos A. Papatryfonos ( and Anthi Konstantinou (

Czech Republic

Ceská spolecnost Chemická – Czech Chemical Society

Czech Young Chemists’ Network (CzYCN) – no link

Delegate: David Novák (


Kemisk Forening – Danish Chemical Society

Delegate: Demi Shuang Zhai (


Suomalaisten Kemistien Seura (SKS) – Finnish Chemical Society

Delegate: Tiina McKee (


Société Chimique de France (SCF) – French Chemical Society

Réseau des Jeunes chimistes de la SCF –  French Young Chemists’ Network

Delegates: Sébastien Prévost ( and Maxime Rossato (


Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker (GDCh) – German Chemical Society

JungChemikerForum – German Young Chemists

Delegates: Maximilian Menche ( and Sebastian Sobottka (


Ένωση Ελλήνων Χημικών – Association of Greek Chemists

Delegate: Michael Terzidis ( and Dimitra Pournara (


Instituid Ceimice Na Héireann – Institute of Chemistry of Ireland

Delegate: Mark Kelada (


Società Chimica Italiana (SCI) – Italian Chemical Society

SCI Giovani – SCI Young Group

Delegates: Elena Lenci ( and Alice Soldà (


Norsk Kjemisk Selskap (NKS) – Norwegian Chemical Society

Delegate: Rune Finsås Einrem (



Slovenská chemická spolocnost – Slovak Chemical Society

Slovak Chemical Society Youth Forum – no link

Delegates: Michal Procházka ( and Denisa Vargová (


Svenska Kemisamfundet – Swedish Chemical Society

Delegate: Martin Ek Rosén (

United Kingdom

Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)

Early Career Network

Delegates: Alison Savage ( and Clare Bakewell (

A map of all the countries (shown in dark blue) which have active delegates in the EYCN: (1) Portugal, (2) Spain, (3) Ireland, (4) France, (5) United Kingdom, (6) Belgium, (7) The Netherlands, (8) Switzerland, (9) Italy, (10) Germany, (11) Sweden, (12) Czech Republic, (13) Austria, (14) Poland, (15) Russia, (16) Serbia, (17) Greece, (18) Romania, (19) Finland, (20) Slovenia, (21) Cyprus, (22) Slovakia, (23) Republic of North Macedonia, (24) Hungary, (25) Turkey, (26) Norway, (27) Denmark, (28) Croatia. All countries shown in light blue are part of EuChemS, but do not have an active delegate in the EYCN.


At the 14th Delegates Assembly (2019), there were representatives from 21 chemical societies.

You can see all the delegates present at the 14th DA here.


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