Teams of the EYCN

European Young Chemists´ Network
Last updated 17/05/2019

Teams of the EYCN 

The EYCN lives and thrives through the outstanding work of its members. We are a motivated team of young scientists representing chemical societies from 28 European countries. Each member society nominates up to two delegates for representing it in the annual Delegate Assembly (DA) and in the EYCN throughout the following year.

The delegates of the member societies are organized in five teams: Communication Team, Global Connections Team, Membership Team,Networks Team and Science Team. Each of those teams is managed by a Team Leader, which together with the Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and the Advisor (the previous EYCN Chair) form the Steering Committee of the EYCN.

The EYCN Steering Committee (from left to right): Lieke van Gijzel (Global Connections Team Leader), Maximilian Menche (Secretary), Katarina Josifovska (Science Team Leader), Alice Soldà (Advisor), Antonio M. Rodríguez (Chair), Jelena Lazić (Treasurer), Miguel Steiner (Membership Team Leader), Jovana V. Milic (Networks Team Leader), Maxime Rossato (Communication Team Leader).

Here, we present the Teams, along with Team members, and the main tasks that each Team has within the EYCN (photos only show members who were present at the 14th Delegate Assembly in 2019):

Communication Team

Communication Team (from left to right): Clare Bakewell (GBR), Diego García-Gómez (ESP), Maxime Rossato (FRA, Team Leader), Mária Szabó (HUN), Michal Procházka (SVK)
not in this picture: Dimitra Pournara (GRC)

Tasks of the Communication Team are to:

  • write and circulate a monthly newsletter to all EYCN delegates and friends;
  • communicate important information from the Board using social media (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) and e-mail;
  • maintain social media pages – respond to requests and questions, find and post useful or interesting information;
  • increase the visibility of the EYCN through social media channels…


Global Connections Team

Global Connections Team (from left to right): Federico Bella (ITA), Denisa Vargova, (SVK), Lieke van Gijzel (NLD, Team Leader), Alison Savage (GBR), Amin Hodaei (CHE), Victor Mougel (FRA)

Tasks of the Global Connections Team are to:

  • connect with the ACS and YCC and collaborate on the organisation of scientific events for young chemists;
  • develop the global outreach to increase the visibility of EYCN and providing an opportunity for collaborations with EYCN;
  • investigate the possibility to collaborate with Pint of Science and other partners on global events such as the IYPT 2019;
  • collaborate with the Networks team and the ACS on the set up of the policy makers project, in which chemists are coupled to a policy maker in the European parliament…


Membership Team

Membership Team (from left to right): Jelena Lazić (SRB), Thomas Vranken (BEL), Miguel Steiner (AUT, Team Leader), Elena Lenci (ITA), Rune Einrem (NOR)
not in this picture: Marina Šekutor (HRB), Charalambos A. Papatryfonos (CYP) and Anthi Konstantinou (CYP)

Tasks of the Membership Team are to:

  • establish contact with new European societies of young chemists (if your young chemists’ division is not a member of EYCN, please contact us at );
  • keep information of the national delegates and member societies up to date;
  • Provide new delegates with all necessary information about our network;
  • Keep the information about recent activities and future projects on the EYCN website page up to date;
  • Generate a database for all European young chemists providing useful information related to chemistry (studies, jobs, industry etc.)


Networks Team

Networks Team (from left to right): Maciej Cieślak (POL), David Novák (CZE), Sebastian Sobottka (DEU), Jovana V. Milic (CHE, Team Leader), Victor Mougel (FRA), João Borges (PRT)
not in this picture: Michael Terzidis (GRC), Dimitra Pournara (GRC) and Cristian Gómez Canela (ESP)

Tasks of the Networks Team are to:

  • increase EYCN impact and provide support to young chemists in Europe through international partnerships with universities, industries, scientific societies, and governments;
  • identify networking opportunities and set the ground for fruitful collaborations;
  • make the link with policy makers, organizers of scientific events and young chemists;
  • increase the visibility of EYCN by engaging in various international chemistry-related projects;
  • lead international projects with various European partners (European Cooperation in Science and Technology – COST Actions, Marie Curie Training Networks, industrial partners, etc.);
  • contribute to providing knowledge on industrial and academic job opportunities in Europe;
  • organise workshops and webinars for continuous development of young chemists in Europe;
  • collaborate with the Science and Global Connections Teams on scientific and global outreach.


Science Team

Science Team (from left to right): Maciej Cieślak (POL), Carina Crucho (PRT), Tatiana Sazanova (RUS) Katarina Josifovska (MKD, Team Leader), Hanna Makowska (POL), Nathan Carpentier (BEL), Sébastien Prévost (FRA), Robert Țincu (ROU)
not in this picture: Merve Ercan (TUR)

Tasks of the Science Team are to:

  • promote chemistry around Europe (Photochimica – photography contest, Chemistry Rediscovered – video contest);
  • promote the EYCN around Europe (designing promo materials like posters, roll-ups, for EuChemS conferences);
  • develop the EYCN Project Management Course;
  • support the scientific part of all EYCN projects and events;
  • organize fundraising for the Science projects…