The EYCN Projects

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The EYCN Projects

In 2015 we have generated a new system for submitting projects. You can submit projects for which you want to make use of the EYCN resources.

You can apply using this form: PROJECT_PROPOSAL_2018


Please find information about the past EYCN Projects:

Delegate Assembly

EYCN scientific contribution Prize

COST Actions


Chemistry Rediscovered


Career Days

Global Periodic Table Competition

The EYCN meets once a year in the Delegate Assembly.

13th Delegate Assembly

The EYCN Board together with the young chemists section of the Italian Chemical Society (SCI – Gruppo Giovani) have the pleasure to announce that the 13th EYCN Delegate Assembly (DA) will take place in Torino (Italy) from 6th to 9th of May, 2018.

You can find all the necessary information and links here.


12th Delegate Assembly

In May 2017 the 12th Delegate Assembly was held in Heraklion, Greece. The event had representatives from 18 different European countries who discussed the work done by young chemists during the past year and made future plans. New Board was elected (see the new members of the Board here).

11th Delegate Assembly

In April 2016 the 11th Delegate Assembly was held in Guimarães, Portugal. The event had representatives from 16 different European countries who met to discuss the work of young chemists from the past year.

EYCN scientific contribution Prizes


  • One poster presentation prize was awarded during the Merck and Elsevier Young Chemists Symposium in Rimini (Italy) to Veronica Caratelli for the poster „Origami multiple paper-based electrochemical biosensors for pesticide detection“.
  • One oral presentation prize was awarded during the XV Simposio de investigadores jóvenes de la Real Sociedad Española de Química in Toledo (Spain) to Ángela Martín-Serrano Ortiz.
  • One poster presentation prize was awarded during the 2nd Chemistry Conference of Graduate, Postgraduate students and PhD candidates at the Aristotle Universityde in Thessaloniki (Greece) to Despoina Andriotou.
  • One oral presentation prize was awarded during the 6th Conference of the Young Chemists of Serbia in Belgrade (Serbia) to Marta Spasić, and one poster prize was awarded to Stefan Pavlović at the same event.
  • Two poster prizes awarded during the Congress SCF18 in Montpellier and Toulouse (France) to Angelica Laurita and Vuk Vuković.
  • One poster prize awarded during the 70th Irish Universities Chemistry Research Colloquium in Queen’s University Belfast (Ireland) to Vincent Duong.
  • One poster prize awarded during the 6th Portuguese Young Chemists Meeting (PYCheM) in Setúbal (Portugal) to Pedro Ferreira.
  • One poster prize awarded during the 35th Spring Meeting in Skorzęcin (Poland) to Zuzanna Lawera.
  • One oral presentation prize was awarded during the 20th JCF Spring Symposium in Konstanz (Germany) to Sebastian Lamping, and two poster prizes were awarded to Anna Gruszkiewicz and Natalia Wilkosz at the same event.
  • Six poster prizes awarded during the 14th Chemistry Conference for Young Scientists (ChemCYS) in Blankenberge (Belgium) – partial financial support by the EYCN.
  • Seven oral presentation prizes awarded during the 10th Trobada de Joves Investigadors dels Paisos Catalans in Barcelona (Spain) – partial financial support by the EYCN.


  • One poster prize awarded during the 25th Anniversary of Students’ Section of Polish Chemical Society Winter Meeting in Bydgoszcz (Poland) to Natalia Jurga.
  • One best oral presentation prize awarded during the 1st Conference of Graduate and Postgraduate Chemistry Students in Thessaloniki (Greece) to Afroditi Vlachou.
  • One poster prize awarded during the Merck Young Chemists’ Symposium (MYCS) in Milano Marittima (Italy) to Francesco Distante.
  • One poster prize awarded during the 5th Conference of the Young Chemists of Serbia in Belgrade (Serbia) to Dragana Barjaktarević.
  • One poster prize awarded during the 17th Austrian Chemistry Days in Salzburg (Austria) to Nastaran Hayati.
  • Two poster prizes awarded during the 69th Irish Postgraduate Colloquium in Dublin (Ireland) to Aishling Dunne and Vuslat Buk.
  • One poster prize awarded during the V Portuguese Chemistry Students Meeting Chemistry (ENEQUI) in Coimbra (Portugal) to Andreia Espirito Santo Cunha.


  • One poster prize awarded during the 22nd Hellenic Chemistry Conference in Thessaloniki (Greece) to Constantina Diamanti.
  • One poster prize awarded during the 4th Conference of the Young Chemists of Serbia in Belgrade (Serbia) to Sanja Stojanović.
  • One poster prize awarded during the 4th Journeys of Mediterranean Young Researchers (JMJC) in Nice (France) to Elena Bovio.
  • Two poster prizes awarded during the Merck Young Chemists Symposium (MYCS) in Riccione (Italy) to Claudia Caprini and Flavio di Pisa.
  • One poster prize awarded during the 4th Royal Society of Chemistry Early Career Symposium in Glasgow (UK) to Stacey Webster.


  • Two poster prizes awarded during the 15th Sigma-Aldrich Young Chemists Symposium (SAYCS) in Rimini (Italy) to Claudia Cioce and Arianna Rossetti.
  • One poster prize awarded during the 3rd Conference of the Young Chemists of Serbia in Belgrade (Serbia) to Stepan Stepanović.

European Cooperation in Science & Technology (COST)

  • COST Action CM1407 “NATCHEMDRUGS” International Award for a young chemist awarded to Elena Lenci in Kracow (Poland) in 2017. Topic: “Challenging organic syntheses inspired by nature – from natural products chemistry to drug discovery”.

Prof. Bruno Botta (chair of COST Action), Elena Lenci (COST Action 2017 winner), Dr. Federico Bella (EYCN representative)


  • COST Action CM1201 “Biomimetic Radical Chemistry” and the ITN “ClickGene” Prize awarded to Stella Totti in Grenoble (France) in 2016.

Ilya Vorotyntsev (EYCN representative), Stella Totti (COST Action 2016 winner)

European Young Chemist Award (EYCA)

The European Young Chemist Award 2016 is intended to showcase and recognize the excellent research carried out by young scientists working in the chemical sciences.

Congratulations to the winners of the European Young Chemist Award – EYCA 2016!

At the PhD level, Guilio Ragazzon (University of Bologna) was honored with the gold medal and Mercedes Zurro de la Fuente (University of Regensburg) was honoured with the silver medal.

Special mentions were given to Federico Bella (Politecnico di Torino), Filippo Monti (CNR and University of Bologna), Bill Morandi (Max Planck Institute for Coal Research, Mülheim) and Silvia Osuna (Universitat di Girona).

The awards were sponsored by the Società Chimica Italiana (SCI) and the Consiglio Nazionale dei Chimici (CNC), and the special mentions were sponsored by the Asociación Nacional de Químicos de España (ANQUE).

The 2016 award scheme operated under the patronage of EuChemS, SCI, CNC, EYCN and ANQUE.

For more information about the past EYCA awards click here

Chemistry Rediscovered – Playing with chemical reactions

On behalf of the European Young Chemists’ Network (EYCN), the younger members division of the European Association for Chemical and Molecular Sciences (EuChemS), we are very thankful for your participation in this first edition of the European video contest – Chemistry Rediscovered. This contest intended to promote chemistry among the young high-school students from all Europe. This was achieved with the help of teachers who developed scientific projects together with their students and encouraged them to present their findings in a form of a video-experiment, together with an accurate experimental protocol. We received a total of 15 amazing videos and experimental protocols from 8 participant countries and the quality and originality of the projects exceeded all expectations for this inaugural edition. It was a pleasure to watch every single one of them!  

Please find below the overall classification of this competition and the videos that won the first three places.

Chemistry Rediscovered – Final results

1st Place

2nd Place 2nd Place 2nd Place 3rd Place






Watch Video

Watch Video

 Watch Video

 Watch Video

Watch Video

Thank you once again for your participation, we definitely hope to have you as participants in our upcoming events!

After a very successful project, the EYCN wants to thank our partner EVONIK and our sponsors BASF Romania and Brenntag Romania for all the help and support they contributed and an amazing cooperation.

You can read previous Rules and Regulations and Project Application for Chemistry Redoscovered 2016.

Photochimica 2017


This was the theme of last year’s (2017) edition of Photochimica, the European photography competition for scientific photography. The submission of photographs has ended and we received 35 photos from participants from 11 countries.

Take a look at the photos from the Photography in Chemistry (PC) section of Photochimica 2017:

Take a look at the photos from the Measurement Arts (MA) section of Photochimica 2017:

The first Photochimica 2017 exhibition took place during the Medicina-Scientia-Culturae – International Conference devoted to the achievements of Maria Skłodowska-Curie in Warsaw, University of Technology, Medical University of Warsaw, University of Warsaw (Poland) on November 6-8, 2017.

For the rules and regulations, please visit this link.


The first European Photography Contest – Photochimica 2016

Under the slogan “Chemistry is everywhere!” the EYCN wanted to promote chemistry through visual arts and to show presence of chemistry in our daily life and situations.The competition was aimed at people under 35 years who are passionate in photography and chemistry.

Take a look at the photos from the Photography in Chemistry (PC) section of Photochimica 2016:


Take a look at the photos form the Measurement Arts (MA) section of Photochimica 2016:

All the photographs are the property of the authors. Copyrights without the author’s consent are forbidden and will be treated as a criminal act. The participants gave the organizers (EYCN) the right to reproduce their photographs s for promotional purposes of Photochimica 2016.

Career Days


The EYCN program during the 7th EuChemS Chemistry Congress that took place in Liverpool from August 26-30, 2018 was designed especially for young chemists.

One of the speakers, Mr Mauro Davanzo, gave a talk titled “Young chemists in European industries: opportunities and challenges”. We are sharing this presentation with our network and you can find the full PPT by clicking here.

Read the full program of the EYCN Symposium in 2018.


During the previous EuChemS Chemistry Conference (ECC) in Seville (Spain) in September 2016, the EYCN organized a four-day career event. These “EYCN Career Days” were filled with lectures and workshops which were specifically designed by young members and created for young chemists looking ahead to their future career in academia or industry. In order to achieve these series of events, the EYCN strongly collaborated with industry, academic (funding) institutions and publishing authorities. In addition, the event was jointly organized with the GDCh Career Services & RSC Careers.

See the complete program here

Global Periodic Table Competition

On behalf of the Science Team we would like to introduce you to the Global Periodic Table Competition project of IUPAC, which is organized to celebrate the 100th anniversary of IUPAC and the 150th anniversary of the Periodic Table in 2019.

The main idea is to create an online game on a website in the shape of a Periodic Table, with one question for every element. When the website will be launched, chemists from all over the world will be able to play this game and learn more about the Periodic Table and the elements in a playful way. Also, participants can win amazing prizes, like the IUPAC Periodic Table signed by a Nobel Prize laureate.

IUPAC is currently designing this game and they need our help, as not every element has a question yet.

So we would like to encourage everyone who wants to be involved, to be creative and come up with some questions. More information and examples can be found here.

The names of all persons who participated in making this Global Activity will be mentioned on the website!

Please send your questions to instead of the e-mail address mentioned in the document .