Board of the EYCN

European Young Chemists´ Network
Last updated 12/01/2020

Board of the EYCN


The EYCN Steering Committee:

The Board and the Advisor in Bremen, Germany after being elected at the 14th Delegate Assembly:



Name: Antonio M. Rodríguez García

National Society: Real Sociedad Española de Química (RSEQ)

Profession: Postdoctoral Researcher @ Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha at Instituto Regional de Investigaciones Científicas Aplicada (IRICA), Ciudad Real

Field of chemistry: Nanomaterials, Organic Chemistry

Hobbies: Science divulgation, Science-fiction accuracy, running marathon, biking and traveling.

Your aims for the next 2 years on the Board: Continue the excellent work and help with the expansion of the EYCN network together with my colleagues in the network and in industry to make more people aware of EYCN and its activities across Europe and beyond.



Name: Maximilian Menche

National Society: German Chemical Society (GDCh)

Profession: PhD Student @ BASF/Heidelberg University/Catalysis Research Laboratory (CaRLa) Heidelberg

Field of Chemistry: Computational Chemistry, DFT, Homogenous Catalysis

Hobbies: Running, Photography, Travel, Spending time with friends

Your aims for the next 2 years on the board: I am planing to continue the strong engagement of EYCN into EuChemS projects and to extend EYCNs own activities. This will be achieved by a precise organisation and improved communication procedures and due to the help of the two additional board members.



Name: Jelena Lazić

National Society: Serbian Chemical Society (SHD)

Profession: Research Trainee @ Innovation Center of the Faculty of Chemistry, Belgrade

Field of chemistry: Medicinal Chemistry

Hobbies: Dancing (ballet, charleston, tango, aerial arts, salsa), learning foreign languages, swimming.

Your aims for the next 2 years on the Board: Through close cooperation with the EYCN Board and EuChemS, I want to present our numerous activities to potential sponsors and convince them to support our projects and our network. I will also strive to maintain a budget that will allow the EYCN to further grow and move forward with all the plans.



Name: Maxime Rossato

National Society: French Chemical Society (SCF)

Profession: VIE Associate scientist @ Sanofi Pasteur

Field of chemistry: Analytical Chemistry

Hobbies: Tea tasting, fishing

Your aims for the next 2 years on the Board: My goal for the next two years is first to make chemistry great again by promoting all great aspects of chemistry and advocating for it. Also I would like develop the social media network of the EYCN to improve events escalation, cascading and transmission throughout the network of societies.



Name: Lieke van Gijzel

National Society: The Royal Netherlands Chemical Society (KNCV)

Profession: Double degree master student at the University of Amsterdam (VU) and the University of Copenhagen

Field of chemistry: Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Organic Chemistry

Hobbies: Skiing, traveling, trampolining, swimming and dancing

Your aims for the next 2 years on the Board: Develop the EYCN Global Connections team so we can collaborate with more intercontinental partners. Expand the collaborations that the EYCN has already obtained and identify new possibilities for collaboration. Create a good partnership with the other teams of the EYCN, especially the Networks team and try to realize our common goals such as the increase of the soft skill library and the outreach to the EU parliament.



Name: Miguel Steiner

National Society: Austrian Chemical Society (GÖCH)

Profession: Graduate student @ University of Innsbruck

Field of chemistry: Computational Chemistry, Catalysis, Solvation Models

Hobbies: Biking, hiking, swimming, watching movies.

Your aims for the next 2 years on the Board: I want to accomplish to have an EYCN delegate in all EuChemS member countries and to provide chemistry-related information concerning scholarships, industry and academia for all the EYCN member countries on one webpage.



Name: Jovana V. Milic

National Society: Swiss Chemical Society (SCS)

Profession: Scientist @the Laboratory of Photonics and Interfaces (EPFL)

Field of chemistry: Supramolecular Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Material Science

Hobbies: music, sports (running, hiking, fitness), reading, and philosophy

Your aims for the next 2 years on the Board: To increase the impact of the EYCN through activities and international partnerships in Europe with universities, industries, scientific societies, and governments, while connecting, supporting, and empowering young chemists in their career and development.



Name: Katarina Josifovska

National Society: Society of Chemists and Technologists of Macedonia

Profession: Teaching Assistant at Institute of Chemistry, Skopje, Macedonia

Field of Chemistry: Analytical Chemistry

Hobbies: hiking, traveling, learning new languages, reading books

Your aims for the next 2 years on the Board: To promote science among young people by organizing numerous activities, for instance photo and video competitions; to advertise the EYCN and chemistry by organizing several projects: blog, interviews with famous chemists, PostDoc and/or PhD students, short video motivational stories of successful scientists any many more.



Name: Alice Soldà

National Society: Italian Chemical Society (SCI)

Profession: Postdoctoral Researcher @ Institute of Biological and Medical Imaging (IBMI) in TranslaTUM, Munich

Field of Chemistry: Metabolic and functional imaging

Hobbies: Any kind of sport, traveling and photography.

Your aims for the next 2 years on the board: Supporting and advising the new Board members in order to continue and even improve the work done by EYCN in the last 2 years. Furthermore, as member of the Scientific Committee of the 8th EuChemS Chemistry Congress (Lisbon 2020), I plan to shape a perfect program for the EYCN Symposium, entirely focused on the interests of early career chemists.



Past Chairs of the EYCN

  • Alice Soldà (2017-2019)
  • Fernando Gomollón-Bel (2015-2017)
  • Frédérique Backaert (2013-2015)
  • Cristina Todasca (2012-2013)
  • Viviana Fluxa (2010-2012)
  • Sergej Toews (2009-2010)
  • Csaba Janáky (2006-2009)