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Mid Term evaluation of FP7

Mid Term evaluation of FP7

EuCheMS submitted a response to the mid-term evaluation on the performance of FP7; the consultation consisted of eight very broad questions. The mid-term evaluation (MTE) allows the Commission to make proposals for adaptation and changes in the FP7 programme. The MTE takes place as the Commission is making its initial drafts on the future of the Research Framework Programme, this is expected at the beginning of 2011, it is also the time when the Commission will make proposals for a new EU budget for 2013 – 2020, called the Financial Perspectives.
EuCheMS underlined the importance of supporting excellence in basic research, as the foundation for innovation and welcomed the creation of the European Research Council under FP7. The response also underlined the importance of Chemistry as the most pervasive science, central to resolving the ‘Grand Societal Challenges’ outlined by the Commission. The response also addressed the question of simplification and greater coherence with other funding programmes.

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Mid-term evaluation process

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EuCheMS input to Mid-Term evaluation of FP7
EuCheMS input to consultation on the Seventh Framework Programme
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