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EuCheMS Newsletter

News about EuCheMS and developments in chemical and molecular sciences in Europe.

September 2015 EuCheMS Newsletter

  • Remembering first victims of chemical weapons
  • Policy news
  • EuCheMS-ECTN MoU
  • IUPAC distinguished women


April 2015 EuCheMS Newsletter

EuCheMS´ strategic planning; EuCheMS-ECTN closer cooperation; Chemistry for the Future of Europe; Solar-Driven Chemistry; Updates on EuCheMS Congress 2016

February 2015 EuCheMS Newsletter

President´s letter "Europe Should be a Chemical Free Zone"; Highlights from EuCheMS General Assembly 2014; EuCheMS Lecture Award 2014; Policy Updates

November 2014 EuCheMS Newsletter

5th EuCheMS Chemistry Congress (5ECC) in Istanbul; Interview with Prof Helena Grennberg, chair of the 5ECC scientific committee; EYCN activities in Istanbul

September 2014 EuCheMS Newsletter

EuCheMS - JRC joint activities; European employment survey for chemists and chemical engineers successfully completed; Expo 2015; EuCheMS annual report.

May 2014 EuCheMS Newsletter

EuCheMS - STOA Workshop on Energy Storage; Important updates on the 5th EuCheMS Chemistry Congress in Istanbul; EuCheMS contribution to the public consultation on the sustainable use of phosphorus; EuCheMS General Assembly adopted new Constitution; Calls for EuCheMS Lecture and Award for Service 2014.


February 2014 EuCheMS Newsletter

EuCheMS Chemistry Congress 2014; EuCheMS General Assembly 2013 in Budapest;David Cole-Hamilton is new EuCheMS President Elect;Policy news.

November 2013 EuCheMS Newsletter

Themes of the EuCheMS Chemistry Congress 2014; More mobility: Electronic professional card on its way; European employment survey starts; Euroanalysis 2013 in Warsaw; ICCE 2013 in Barcelona

September 2013 EuCheMS Newsletter

Budapest: EuCheMS meetings and Energy conference; Introducing scientific committee for Istanbul Congress; Report an organic electronics; New board of European Young Chemists Network; SusChem stakeholder meeting.

May 2013 EuCheMS Newsletter

EuCheMS supports employment survey of European chemists; Annual meeting of young chemists in St. Petersburg: EuCheMS vacancies; Call for nominations for Lecture Award 2013; 3rd European Energy Conference

February 2013 EuCheMS Newsletter

General assembly in Dublin 2012; EuCheMS and social media; EuCheMS Award for Service to Hans-Joachim Freund; Ilan Marek elected as chair of Organic Division; Division of Analytical Chemistry: tribute to Yuri Zolotov

November 2012 EuCheMS Newsletter

Succesful 4th EuCheMS Chemistry Congress in Prague; Career Days in Prague; SCF awarded bi-national prizes; BioNMR at its best in Italy; Green chemistry in Venezia; New chairs of Divisions/Working Parties

September 2012 EuCheMS Newsletter

Loving challenges: Helena Grennberg is scientific chair for 5th ECC in Istanbul; Shining a light on solar fuels; Marc Taillefer wins European Sustainable Chemistry Award; Award for Service: José Empis; Chemistry for a better life; European Young Chemists Network with a new structure.

May 2012 EuCheMS Newsletter

Let's meet in Prague; The International year of chemistry continues in France; News from and for European young chemists; Sweden's short IYC videos; EuCheMS contribution to the European Research Area; Events 2012.

February 2012 EuCheMS Newsletter

General Assembly 2011 in Belgrade; Evelyn McEwan receives EuCheMS Award; Euroanalysis 2011 in Belgrade; Environmental chemistry: ICCE 2011 in Zurich; Roadmap for chemical sciences; Chemistry for life sciences; Safety of nanomaterials; Career Days 2012 in Prague; EuCheMS promotes the European Chemist designation; Chemistry for a better life; Events 2012, 2014.