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EuCheMS Brussels News Updates

EuCheMS Brussels News Updates, October provides news on following topics:

    • Nobel Prize for Chemistry
    • EuCheMS Position on the Quality of Drinking Water in the EU
    • Stairway to Excellence
    • Erasmus+
    • Knowledge Alliances

    EuCheMS Brussels News Updates, September

    5th EuCheMS Chemistry Congress; New Commissioner for Research Innovation and Science; European Researchers Night; Selection of Horizon 2020 Calls; Public Consultation: Mercury.

    EuCheMS Brussels News Updates, August 2014

    Results of public consultation on phosphorus; New record set for number of Erasmus students and trainees; ERC work programme for 2015; Consultation on how to optimise water reuse in the EU; Commission outlines measures to increase jobs in green economy.

    EuCheMS Brussels News Updates, July 2014

    Italy takes over presidency of the EU; Public-private partnerships under Horizon 2020; Network on hydrocarbon extraction; Circular economy; Public consultation on research and innovation.

    EuCheMS Brussels News Updates, June 2014

    New university ranking system launched in Europe; Regulation of Access to Research Findings; M-ERA.NET Call 2014 with Topics in Materials and Engineering launched; Selected Horizon 2020 calls; Roadmap: Proposal for an implementing act on the introduction of a European Professional Card for particular professions.

    EuCheMS Brussels News Updates, May 2014

    European Commission publishes European map of regulated profession; Soil contamination: progress report on the managment of contaminated sites; Public consultation on the Europe 2020 strategy; Selected Horizon 2020 calls; Calls for EuCheMS Awards.

    EuCheMS Brussels News Updates, April 2014

    EU scientific programme for Expo 2015 in the making: work kicks off; EuCheMS responded to public consultations; Public consultation on introducing the European Professional Card; 5th EuCheMS Chemistry Congress.

    EuCheMS Brussels News Updates March 2014

    EU countries in favour of GMO compromise; European Institute of Innovation and Technology: new opportunities; Research and Innovation as a new source of growth; Innovation performance: EU member states and international competitors compared.

    EuCheMS Brussels News Updates February 2014

    EuCheMS-STOA Workshop on energy storage; Member states urged to improve quality checks in universities and vocational colleges; CCS is back on the European Commission agenda; Horizon 2020 calls; Consultation on the progress towards the 2020 energy efficiency objectives.

    EuCheMS Brussels News Updates January 2014

    International Year of Crystallography; ERA Progress Report 2013;On-line web platform on nanomaterials; Horizon 2020 calls; Consultation on European Area of Skills and Qualifications.

    EuCheMS Brussels News Updates, December 2013

    Horizon 2020 launched; Experts sought for Horizon 2020; Green light for Erasmus+; Dedicated EU support for small companies. 

    EuCheMS Brussels News Updates, November 2013

    EuCheMS response to public Consultation on Ground Water Directive; New President of ERC; Global Mercury Treaty; Tax incentives for research.

    EuCheMS Brussels News Updates, October 2013

    Horizon2020; Open access; European professional qualification card; Education goes digital; ERC calls 2014.

    EuCheMS Brussels News Update, September 2013

    Open access to research publications; Bridging the science-policy communication gap; New innovation indicator; Community framework for state aid for R&D&I; "A product passport"?

    EuCheMS Brussels News Update, August 2013 

    Horizon 2020; CCS funding; EU pushes through United Patent Court; Consultation on Groundwater Directive; Roadmap 2030: climate and energy policies.

    EuCheMS Brussels News Update, July 2013

    Irish clinch deal on EU's 'Horizon 2020' research programme; European Commission appoints the members of the Bioeconomy Panel; Public-private partnerships in Horizon 2020: a powerful tool to deliver on innovation; Agreement on COSME gives €2B boost to small businesses; Consultation on the modification of the REACH annexes on nanomaterials

    EuCheMS Brussels News Update, June 2013

    Green week: good air quality for all; Agreement on the modernisation of the Professional Qualification Directive; Nano regulation debate; 'Youth in action' programme

    EuCheMS Brussels News Update May 2013

    Interactive map of research infrastructures;Dual education schemes; Smarter rules for safer food; Changes to biofuels; ERC calls; Opening up education; Erasmus for young entrepreneurs

    EuCheMS Brussels News Update, April 2013

    Making EU more attractive for foreign students and researchers; EPS study on the importance of physics to the economies of Europe; Green paper "A 2030 framework for climate and energy policies" (consultation); Review of waste policy and legislation (roadmap)

    EuCheMS Brussels News Update, March 2013

    Further negotiations on 2014-2020 budget;  EC new advisory group on science and technology; Single European patent signed; Public consultation on the Green paper on Plastic Waste

    EuCheMS Brussels News Update, February 2013

    EU 2014-2020 budget approved; Professional qualifications: IMCO moving ahead; EU cutting mercury emissions; Experts for Horizon2020 advisory groups; Fuel cells and hydrogen joint undertaking call for proposals; European Metrology programme for innovation and research (EMPIR)

    EuCheMS Brussels News Update, January 2013

     European Research Area Fabric Map published; Tracking exposure to environmental pollutants; Search starts for next President of the European Research Council; NANOfutures roadmap release; Public consultation on the protection of business and research know-how; Innovation survey: Highest proportions of innovative enterprises in Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium